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Bay Quest-Chesapeake Bay DLESE Reviewed Collection
This learning unit is designed to present a means to examine what factors influence the quality of water in the Chesapeake Bay: population increase, algal blooms, endangered species (shad, oysters and blue crabs), and different watersheds (such as the Susquehanna River Basin) draining into the Chesapeake Bay bringing nutrients and pollution. Students work in groups to take on the role of scientists, government liaisons, fisherpeople, coastal residents, or conservationists. Working within this group, they help to create a product for a client detailing the causes of nutrient pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. Students research such topics as Phytoplankton, Water Quality, the Clean Water Act, Seafood Production in Maryland, Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report, Animals and Plants of the Chesapeake Bay, Harford County, Maryland- outdoors attractions, Non-Point Source Pollution, Agricultural Stewardship, Habitats of the Chesapeake Bay and Endangered Species.
Intended for grade levels:
  • Middle (6-8)
Type of resource:
  • For the classroom:
    • Classroom activity
    • Computer activity
    • Case study
  • Environmental science
  • Ocean Sciences:
    • Biological oceanography
  • Policy issues
Technical requirements:
No specific technical requirements, just a browser required
Cost / Copyright:
No cost
Copyright 2002 B. J. Dodge. May be freely used for non-profit educational purposes.
DLESE Catalog ID: DWEL-000-000-000-220
Educational standards:
  • National Science Education Standards (NSES):
    • 5-8:
      • C - Life science:
        • Population and ecosystems
      • F - Science in personal / social perspectives:
        • Populations, resources, environments
        • Sci. / tech. in society
      • G - History and nature of science:
        • Science as a human endeavor
  • National Geography Standards:
    • Environment and society:
      • How human actions modify the physical env.
    • Places and regions:
      • The physical and human characteristics of places
Resource contact / Creator / Publisher:
Author: Ms Laurie Rosenberg
Pennsylvania Center for Environmental Education