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JavaScript Search Service: SmartLink Builder Tool

This tool can be used to create a custom SmartLink for your web page. A SmartLink is a hyperlink or drop menu that returns a set of resources when clicked or selected. See this example page, which illustrates a SmartLink drop menu and SmartLink hyperlinks at the top of the page.

Step 1 - Choose the type of SmartLink you would like:

(see SmartLink description)
(see SmartLinkDropList description)

Step 2 - Choose a label for your SmartLink:

Step 3 - Choose the search terms and/or classifiers to map to your SmartLink:

Search terms mapped to your SmartLink (optional):
Classifiers mapped to your SmartLink (optional):
Your selections:

Step 4 - Create your SmartLink:

Click the botton below to create or regenerate your SmartLink. Your SmartLink code will be displayed below in this page: