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Other services and issues

The metadata website provides information to related services and issues. These are describe here:

  • Collections assessment - links to a report about the makeup of the DLESE collection from spring of 2002 through December 2004
  • Collections committee - describes the DLESE Program Center (DPC) interactions with the DLESE Collections Committee
  • Creator Acknowledgement Service (CAS) - search for resources in DLESE that have content attributed to an email address
  • Crosswalks - describes how to make mappings between metadata frameworks/formats
  • Interoperability - refers to metadata interoperability
  • Quality issues - provides references to the quality work done by the DLESE Project Office
  • Resources of interest - refers to metadata resources of interest
  • Training - describes how to receive metadata or catalog training along OAI training
  • Web services - links to the documentation about using the DLESE web services API
  • Workflow status flags - understand how the DLESE Collection System (DCS) manages metadata records
Last updated: 2006-02-03
Maintained by: Katy Ginger (, DLESE Metadata