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DLESE-IMS framework

Framework purpose

The purpose of the DLESE-IMS metadata framework is to describe resources typically used in learning environments (e.g. classroom activities, lesson plans, modules, visualizations, some datasets) for discovery by the Earth system education community.

Framework note

This framework is frozen and is no longer in active development since is has been superseded by the ADN metadata framework. However, the DLESE-IMS framework is the current metadata framework of the DLESE Catalog System. No other DLESE system uses this framework. The DLESE Catalog System will be upgraded to the ADN metadata framework in 2004. If you have specific questions regarding the DLESE-IMS framework, please contact

Framework vocabularies

The controlled vocabularies are defined in the cataloging best practices for this framework.


Framework in XML

This framework uses a DTD and not XML schema. Since DTD's are not viewable in most browsers, do a right mouse click and then choose save to download the current DLESE-IMS metadata DTD.

Framework history

  • June 2005: DLESE-IMS is retired; no longer in use
  • June 2002: DLESE-IMS is frozen and development ends
  • September 2001 to June 2002: Prototyping of the new ADN framework commences. It is to be XML schema-based and use the idea of plug-n-play vocabularies.
  • June 2001: DLESE, ADEPT Project (Alexandria Digital Earth Prototype) and NASA's Joined Digital Library (JDL) commit to creating a metadata framework all 3 organizations can use. This framework (called ADN) is a hybrid of the Dublin Core and IMS metadata frameworks that is suitable to the diverse audiences of DLESE, NASA and ADEPT.
  • October 2001 to June 2001: Several community fields are added to the metadata framework. Thus, the framework now only has a foundation in IMS and is call the DLESE-IMS metadata framework.
  • June 2000 to October 2001: The DLESE metadata framework is based on IMS and uses a DTD
  • February 2000 DLESE decides to use IMS metadata because it is XML-based and describes educational learning object. Also there were political motivations as well that will not be described here


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