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Crosswalks defined

A crosswalk is a semantic and/or technical mapping (sometimes both) of one metadata framework to another metadata framework.

Semantic mapping example

  • Dublin Core element title corresponds to the ADN element of title
  • Dublin Core element type corresponds to the ADN element of learning resource type

Technical mapping example

Technical mapping uses various programmatic solutions to transform metadata records computer files. DLESE uses eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transform (XSLT) to programmatically change eXtenisble Markup Language (XML) metadata records to other formats. For example, the following shows Dublin Core XML elements and their corresponding ADN XML elements.

  • <general><title>Hello World</title></general> GOES TO <dc.title>Hello World</dc.title>
  • <educational><resourceType>DLESE:Text:Reference</resourceType></educational> GOES TO <dc.type>Text</dc.type>

Crosswalks available:

Please contact for the latest versions of various crosswalks.


Last updated: 10-29-03