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Pedagogically Annotated Collection

Total resources: 197

Agricultural science   Search by Agricultural science 1
Atmospheric science   Search by Atmospheric science 21
Biology   Search by Biology 42
Chemistry   Search by Chemistry 4
Climatology   Search by Climatology 6
Cryology   Search by Cryology 4
Ecology   Search by Ecology 14
Educational theory and practice   Search by Educational theory and practice 18
Environmental science   Search by Environmental science 39
Forestry   Search by Forestry 1
Geographical Sciences
Human geography   Search by Human geography 11
Physical geography   Search by Physical geography 15
Geological Sciences
Geochemistry   Search by Geochemistry 6
Geologic time   Search by Geologic time 13
Geology   Search by Geology 42
Geophysics   Search by Geophysics 8
Mineralogy or petrology   Search by Mineralogy or petrology 24
Paleontology   Search by Paleontology 10
Structural geology   Search by Structural geology 8
History and philosophy of science   Search by History and philosophy of science 3
Hydrology   Search by Hydrology 32
Mathematics   Search by Mathematics 2
Natural hazards   Search by Natural hazards 8
Ocean Sciences
Biological oceanography   Search by Biological oceanography 6
Physical oceanography   Search by Physical oceanography 11
Physics   Search by Physics 7
Policy issues   Search by Policy issues 8
Soil science   Search by Soil science 2
Space science   Search by Space science 19
Technology   Search by Technology 8

The collection creates links between Earth system resources and related pedagogical resources. The pedagogical resources focus on misconceptions or preconceptions commonly encountered while teaching an Earth system topic; skills needed for completing an Earth system activity; or assessment techniques appropriate for the Earth system resource.

Collection is intended for: Change, constancy, and measurement, Evidence, models, and explanation, Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry, Understanding about scientific inquiry, Properties and changes of properties in matter, Transfer of energy, Change, constancy, and measurement, Evidence, models, and explanation, Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry, Understandings about scientific inquiry, Interactions of energy and matter, Structure and properties of matter, Energy in the earth system, Environmental quality, How human actions modify the physical env., How physical systems affect human systems, The changes that occur in the meaning, use, distribution, and importance of resources, The characteristics, distribution, and migration of human populations on Earth's surface, The characteristics, distributions, and complexity of Earth's cultural mosaics, The process, patterns, and functions of human settlement, The physical processes that shape the patterns of Earth's surface, How culture and experience influence people's perception of places and regions

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