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Annotation: Editor's Summary

Title:  The Global Water Sampling Project
ID:   DLESE-000-000-001-641

The community reviewers gave this project the highest or next to highest ratings for the majority of the criteria. A few constructive comments were indicated for these general areas: Ease of use, Motivational/Inspirational and Pedagogical Effectiveness.

Two educators advised against using the resource for persons with visual impairments.

Specialist reviewers raised several issues. They felt that teachers using the resource ought to be given more guidance. One reviewer stated: "I would like to see...more...procedures that would help instructors decide how to best go about water collection..."

Another said: "...there are no suggestions surrounding how to assess whether individual learners gain from the experience." And one of the reviewers felt that access to printable versions of student directions and for the documents needed for recording data was needed.

Another reviewer suggested that the use of the terms "alkalinity" and "acidity" needs to be clarified. The reviewer said: "It would be better to simply note that water with low pH is considered 'acidic' and [water] with high pH 'basic or alkaline.' " This reviewer was also concerned about the accuracy of the BOD levels as described in the test notes.

In praise of the resource, one reviewer commented: "I think that it clearly lays out the resources necessary to perform a very intriguing science experiment." Another thought that this was "...a worthwhile program that offers students a variety of hands-on activities..."

Neil Holzman, 16 June 2004

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