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Search tips

Search tips

The DLESE Discovery System searches over catalog records that describe the educational resources in DLESE collections. These records are analogous to catalog records in your local library.

By default, the system searches for the terms that you enter in the keyword box in all of the resource records' title, description, keyword, creator's last name, subject, and resource type fields. In addition to searching for your terms in the DLESE record for each resource, the system also searches the first page of the resource itself. If you are looking for resources at a particular url, you need just to type a part of it in the keyword box (for example, if you enter esci and exams,) and it will display the resource information (e.g. http://www.usd.edu/esci/exams/oceans.html) where those terms are found in the resource url address.

Quick tips

Search by educational standards

To search for resources associated with educational standards, use the Standards drop-down menu and select the appropriate standard. To restrict the search to a specific topic, enter the topic in the search box. If you are interested in browsing all resources in the library that are aligned to a National Science Education Standard or the National Geography Standard, you can also click the Browse resources and collections link on the front page or use the Educational Resources menu button and then select Browse resources and collections. Shortcut to browse by standards

DLESE collections

DLESE includes many collections contributed by Earth science educators. By default, all DLESE collections are searched. To restrict a search to one or more collections, select the collection(s) from the drop-down menu. Some of these collections have been peer-reviewed. To restrict a search to reviewed collections, select the DLESE Reviewed Collection (DRC) from the collections drop-down menu. Shortcut to browse all collections    Shortcut to browse the DRC

How are results ordered?

Resources that are most relevant to your search are displayed first. Those that have high relevance AND that are in the DLESE Reviewed Collection appear at the top of the list. Those with the search terms in a resource's title are given highest priority.

You can change any of your criteria on the results page and redo the search. Clicking on the Search button displays your results. These consist of descriptions of the resources that meet your criteria, links to the resources themselves (which open in a new browser window), links to any reviews that have been written, and a place for you to write a teaching tip, etc.

For additional help, please contact support@dlese.org.

More advanced search features

Using AND and OR

These terms must be capitalized to differentiate them from regular words.


You can group terms using parentheses and make combinations using AND and OR. For example (ocean wave) OR (sea wave) returns resources that contain both ocean and wave OR both sea and wave in their description.

Fielded searching

Fielded searching is supported. For example, to search resource title fields only, type: title:ocean. You can also search over the description, resource type, URL, keyword, subject, creator, and record ID fields. Note that each term or phrase must have the field prefix followed by a colon (e.g., title:). To search over multiple fields, separate them with AND (capitalized). Specific examples:

Searching by URL or website

You can search by URL or website. Like in Google, you can use site: in place of http://. (So site:dlese.org is the same as http://dlese.org OR http://www.dlese.org.)


Wildcards (indicated by *) are supported in keywords or URLs.

Record ID numbers

The following examples are for collection builders and library administrators, for whom resource ID numbers are of interest.

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