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Searching by educational standards

The ability to search by educational standards is a functionality added to DLESE in July, 2003 that allows you to append additional criteria to your search to better target your needs. Currently the National Science Education Content Standards (NSES) and the National Geography Standards are available. The NSES are hierarchical and allow you to choose grade level, broad topic, and ability, while the National Geography Standards are a list of 18 concepts grouped by topic only. Development in this area is ongoing, with more standards to be added in subsequent releases.

The association of a standard with a resource signifies that the content of the resource supports the student learning and attainment of the specific ability noted. This can be through many different mechanisms and resource types, including access to background and text-based material as well as inquiry-based activities. Some standards are general in nature, some more specific. The resource need not address the entire scope of the standard for the association to be made, and some resources may not map to any standards at all.

Resources in DLESE are selected and cataloged by community members. Those with experience and familiarity with the standards are encouraged to select those that support the content of the resource they are cataloging. As such, not all resources have had standards assigned at this point in time. If you have experience with educational standards and would like to enhance resources with standards data, please contact us at support@dlese.org.

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