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How can you quickly capitalize on topics in the news in teaching about Earth science? This page provides links to resources specifically chosen to help teach about topics of current interest. You can refine the results list to meet your needs—whether to see lesson plans for grades K-2 or data sets for high school students. (Near the top of the results page, you'll see Grade Level, Resource Type, Standards, and Collections drop-down lists that let you set these criteria).

Other ways of finding good resources (outside of doing a regular search): Access our Resources of Interest page - it lists favorite resources that have been suggested by community members and appeared on the DLESE home page over the years. Suggest your favorite sites. You can check out the resources for yourself or use the lists to show friends and colleagues the kinds of resources in DLESE.

Resources about earthquakes

Earthquakes, all resources Earthquake data
Plate tectonics Earthquakes and standards (NSES, National Geography Standards) grades K-4
Subduction Earthquakes and standards (NSES, National Geography Standards) grades 6-8
Seismic waves Earthquakes and standards (NSES, National Geography Standards) grades 9-12
Active faults Earthquake hazards
Tsunamis and earthquakes Earthquake impacts

Resources about tsunamis

Creation and propagation And earthquakes
Impacts And volcanoes
Waves (tsunami/tidal) Disasters
Tsunami events Research
Safety Picture and visualizations
Data Classroom activities
Tsunami Warning System Survivor interviews

Resources about Mount St. Helens and volcanoes

About Mount St. Helens Why do volcanoes erupt?
Where do volcanoes erupt? Effects of volcanoes
Volcano hazards Predicting volcanoes
Deadly volcanoes Active volcanoes (distribution, living on them, etc.)  
Volcano simulations  Visuals about volcanos (animations, pictures, etc.)
Volcanoes and plate tectonics Volcanoes and earthquakes 
Hot spots Ring of fire
Lava domes    

Resources about Mars

We worked with MarsQuest Online to celebrate the various Mars landings taking place in 2004. The links below generate a list of topic-specific resources. MarsQuest Online is an exploration-based Web site that provides activities to familiarize people with Mars and highlight intriguing questions. It is a collaboration between TERC, the Space Science Institute, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the National Science Foundation's Division of Informal Science Education, DLESE, and the Scientific Computing Division (SCD) of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

General resources Life on Mars and colonization
Canyons Rovers
Craters Time, distance, and relative sizes
Floods and water Volcanoes

Resources about oceans

Coral reefs Icebergs Ocean exploration
El Nino La Nina Ocean temperature
Fish Mid atlantic ridge Plate tectonics and ocean
Hurricanes Ocean currents Salinity
Hydrothermal vents Ocean data Sea ice

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