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The DLESE Matters newsletter is published 10 times per year, on a mid-month basis, with a combined two-month issue in the Summer (July/August) and during the holiday months in November/December. DLESE Matters provides resources of interest to educators at all grade levels, offers news about interesting professional development opportunities and outreach activities, community events and meetings, collaborative projects, and advances in technical library services and development.

To send comments or request a text-only version of the newsletter, send email to support@dlese.org.

Submit article for consideration

You may suggest items for a DLESE Matters issue by emailing newsletter editor, Mary Beth Reece, or by sending your information to support@dlese.org. Please submit content no later than the 10th of the month for inclusion in the newsletter. Newsletter articles should be approximately 250 words or less, with a URL provided for readers to go to for additional information. DLESE reserves the right of editorial review and revision on submitted content.

Criteria for publication include 1) relevance or interest to the DLESE community (faculty, K-12 teachers, students, librarians, informal educators, developers, data providers, etc.) and 2) timeliness of announcements about events.

Please also consider submitting interesting geoscience-related photos/images of your own for use in the monthly DLESE newsletter banner. Photo credit will be acknowledged. You may submit these to support@dlese.org, or send us an email with a link to an online version.

Tell your DLESE story!

Have you used DLESE in your classroom, at a conference, or at an informal education venue, and have an interesting story to share? Consider contributing your story to DLESE Matters. These scenarios help inform the community of the full breadth of DLESE use and may also be used to complement annual reports to sponsors, or in articles about DLESE. Help us tell the DLESE story! Send to support@dlese.org with a subject line: DLESE use story. (All submissions are subject to editorial approval).

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