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Resource of interest: Earth Exploration Toolbook

Earth Exploration Toolbook logo and linkThe Earth Exploration Toolbook exists to support the use of scientific datasets and data analysis tools by the broader educational community. The Toolbook provides a collection of investigations using Earth science datasets and scientific tools that can be used in an educational context. Each chapter in the Toolbook provides step-by-step instructions on how to obtain and modify the specific datasets needed for the exercise, how to install, if necessary, and use the analysis or visualization tools needed to explore the data, and how to analyze the data to study a specific Earth science process or concept. Each chapter lists the learning goals, inquiry standards and content standards for each activity and provides a sample outcome of conducting the activity. Suggestions for further exploration of the data and other ways to use the tool are also provided. The chapters are designed for grades 5-12 and undergraduate college level. (Several EET chapters will be the topics of workshops at the DLESE 2005 Annual Meeting).

Professional development opportunity: Using Atlas of Science Literacy

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) offers two Project 2061 Professional Development Workshop for Educators on Using Atlas of Science Literacy. The three-day workshops give participants a new perspective on standards-based reform efforts and provide Project 2061 resources for enhanced science literacy, curricula, instruction, and assessment. Key topics include Understanding Strand Maps, Clarifying Standards, Changing Classroom Practice, and Improving Curriculum. The first workshop is June 9-11, 2005 in St. Louis, Missouri. The second will be held in Washington DC from October 17-19, 2005. A limited number of scholarships are offered. Visit the web site to find out all the details!

DLESE 2005 Annual Meeting registration available

DLESE 2005 Annual Meeting graphicRegistration for the DLESE 2005 Annual Meeting is now available from the DLESE 2005 Annual Meeting web site. The meeting is hosted by the University of South Florida St. Petersburg College of Marine Science, from July 9-12, 2005. Nearly 150 invitations to register were sent out to community members who completed the Call for Registration in March and April. About 75 registrations have been received thus far (meeting capacity is approximately 200 attendees). All community members who wish to attend the meeting are encouraged to register by June 6.Come join us in St. Petersburg and enjoy the wide variety of workshops, field trips, labs, and social events, and learn more about the library and its services!

Roommate Finder

Are you looking for a roommate to share accomodations in St. Petersburg? Check out the Roommate Finder lisiting on the DLESE Annual Meeting web site. If you request it, your name and contact info will be listed on this page (including gender and smoking preference) until you advise support@dlese.org that you wish it to be removed (email address encryption is used to prevent harvesting by spammers). Fill out the online form to submit your information. This is simply a way for you to contact potential roommates and make your own arrangements with them. A link to this service is also available from the meeting Registration site.

DLESE Diversity Working Group meeting takes place

The Steering Committee Working Group on Diversity held a meeting May 19-20 to continue discussions of goals and strategic plans for embedding awareness and actions to increase diversity throughout DLESE management, governance, products, and services. The working group established the scope of issues and people DLESE will address with its diversity efforts. Key areas of discussion included building partnerships with advocacy associations (NABGG, SACNAS, AWG, AISES etc.), exploring best-practices for diversity programs and practices, and embedding those best practices across DLESE to increase the relevance, accessibility, discoverability, and utility of DLESE resources for underrepresented groups. Specific plans were made for integration of diversity in the upcoming DLESE Annual Meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida in July, and for including broad community participation in developing a full diversity plan during the next few months. A summary of this meeting’s work will be posted on the DLESE web site in the coming weeks and will be presented at the Annual Meeting. Plan to join in the discussions there about diversity—both a plenary session and a special session are in the works!

Don't forget to register for JCDL 2005!

A reminder to register as soon as possible for the 2005 ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries—JCDL 2005 is an international conference focusing on digital libraries and the technical, practical, and social issues surrounding their development, use, and impact. JCDL 2005 is jointly hosted this year by DLESE, the National Science Digital Library (NSDL), and the Dept. of Computer Science, University of Colorado at Boulder. The meeting takes place in Denver from June 7-11. Go to the JCDL 2005 web site for complete information and registration information.

DLESE Community Review System (CRS) article available

A recent paper on the DLESE Community Review System (CRS) is of interest, and available online:

The DLESE Community Review System:  Gathering, Aggregating, and Disseminating User Feedback about the Effectiveness of Web-based Educational Resources. Journal of Geoscience Education. v 53, p.37-43. On-line at: http://www.nagt.org/files/nagt/jge/abstracts/Kastens_v53n1.pdf

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