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Igneous Rocks of the Continental Lithosphere
These lecture notes present a discussion of mineralogical classification of granitic rocks, definitions of hypersolvus and subsolvus granites, tectonic and chemical classification, and depth of emplacement of granites. Other topics include pegmatites, continental rhyolites, origin of large volumes of silicic magma, continental flood basalts, continental rift valleys, evolution of rock suites, and peralkaline rhyolites. The notes are in outline format and contain instructional figures, including ternary diagrams. This resource is part of the Teaching Petrology collection.
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  • College (13-14)
  • College (15-16)
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    • Illustration - scientific
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    • Ref. material
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    • Geology
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    • Structural geology
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Copyright 2001, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118
DLESE Catalog ID: SERC-NAGT-000-000-000-133
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This resource is part of 'Petrology at Tulane University'
Resource contact / Creator / Publisher:
Author: Dr Stephen A Nelson
Department of Geology