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Problem Solving in Chemistry
This website managed by the American Chemical Society Division of Chemical Education's Committee on Computers in Chemical Education highlights the proceedings at the June 2002 online conference discussing Problem Solving in Chemistry. Problem solving methods in chemistry may be classified according to how they are encountered in one of the common sub-disciplines of chemistry; namely, analytical, inorganic, organic and physical. However, the interdisciplinary areas, biological, environmental, and materials chemistry (and increasingly the ubiquitous computational chemistry underlying all of them) may be operationally more descriptive and may involve problem solving methods that transcend those that have been used in the separate common sub-disciplines. This conference was an opportunity for those who have delved deeply into the underlying problem solving processes whereby we approach classes of problems in chemistry to share their insights. The website links to the papers discussed at the conference. This is a valuable resource for papers regarding problem-solving strategies in chemistry.
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DLESE Catalog ID: SERC-STARTINGPOINT-000-000-000-181
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Principal Investigator: Doug Cameron
Montana Technical University

Principal Investigator: Peter Lykos
Illinois Institute of Technology