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Inquiry Page
The Inquiry Page is a dynamic virtual community where inquiry-based education can be discussed, resources and experiences shared, and innovative approaches explored in a collaborative environment. The site features a growing database of inquiry units, and you can also build your own inquiry units. The database of exisiting units covers a range of topics from the sciences as well as the humanities. There are pictures of inquiry-based activities and information about other teachers who use inquiry methods. For teachers looking for suport or answers to questions about inquiry-based learning, there is a discussion forum to share ideas. There is also a list of related articles, case studies and evaluations.
Intended for grade levels:
  • Primary (K-2)
  • Intermediate (3-5)
  • Middle (6-8)
  • High (9-12)
  • College (13-14)
Type of resource:
  • For the classroom:
    • Project
  • Text:
    • Report
  • Services:
    • Discussion / Forum
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Educational theory and practice
  • Environmental science
Technical requirements:
No specific technical requirements, just a browser required
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No cost
The Inquiry Units, images, text, programs, and other materials found on the Inquiry Page are the property of their creators and are protected by United States copyright law within the limitations of the Fair Use statute. Likewise trademarks found on this site are protected by United States trademark law. The Inquiry Page permits the academic articles linked to this site to be copied verbatim and distributed in any medium, providing this copyright notice is preserved with the copy. Beginning in Fall 2000, Inquiry Page XML DTDs will also be linked and freely available for distribution. Work created by teachers remains always and completely the property of the teacher. The Inquiry Page can not and does not grant permission to use these works without the consent of the copyright holder. The Inquiry Page will mediate for consent by providing a form for this purpose. The copyright consent form can be mailed to: Inquiry Page - Copyright; GSLIS; 501 E Daniel St.;Champaign, IL 61820.
DLESE Catalog ID: SERC-NAGT-000-000-000-333
Resource contact / Creator / Publisher:
Contact: Chip Bruce
Graduate School of Library & Information Science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign