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This project is a series of interrelated modules designed to introduce the student to modern biological techniques in the area of bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is the application of computer technology to the management of biological information. By completing this project, students will be exposed to the tools and databases currently used by researchers in molecular biology, and will gain a better understanding of gene analysis and the relationship of amino acid sequence to protein structure and function. The project consists of seven modules: taxonomy, online Mendelian inheritance in man (OMIM), protein analysis, PubMed at the National Library of Medicine, BLAST for protein homology, genes and disease and molecular structure and visualization. The modules tie into the tools and databases at the National Center for Biotechnology Information website.
Intended for grade levels:
  • College (15-16)
  • Graduate / Professional
Type of resource:
  • For the classroom:
    • Computer activity
    • Project
  • Biology
Technical requirements:
Requires a molecular modeling viewing program called RasMol, which may be downloaded for free.
Cost / Copyright:
No cost
Copyright and other restrictions information is unknown.
DLESE Catalog ID: SERC-NAGT-000-000-000-303
Related resources:
This resource is based on 'Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications'
Resource contact / Creator / Publisher:
Author: Dr Tom Smith
No institutional affiliation is known

Author: Dr Don Emmeluth
No institutional affiliation is known