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The Santa Fe Institute - Homepage
This site is for the Sante Fe Institute and provides information on specific activities and opportunities offered through this organization. The Santa Fe Institute is a private, non-profit, multidisciplinary research and education center, founded in 1984. Since its founding SFI has devoted itself to creating a new kind of scientific research community, pursuing emerging science. Operating as a small, visiting institution, SFI seeks to catalyze new collaborative, multidisciplinary projects that break down the barriers between the traditional disciplines, to spread its ideas and methodologies to other individuals and encourage the practical applications of its results. The information provided by SFI on this site includes business networking, educational opportunities, employment opportunities, event calendar, library services, as well as reports on publications and research. This site also provides information on fellowship or scholarship information and specific academic and professional workshops. This resource is part of the Biocomplexity collection.
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