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Earth System Science Online Courses and Modules for K-12 Teachers DLESE Reviewed Collection
This Web site includes over 50 individual Earth system science modules that faculty can select from to use in their courses or directly with their students. Online courses for school teachers are offered by colleges and universities across the United States as part of the NASA-NOAA-NSF-funded ESSEA Program (Earth System Science Education Alliance). The courses are structured as a collaborative experience and modeled so that teachers will learn to use science as inquiry from the student's perspective and then be able to model this teaching approach in their own classrooms. Specifically, teachers evolve their own knowledge about Earth system science and their skills in thinking systematically about specific events. Modules are on wide-ranging topics, with many on current environmental and climate-related topics, including: Gulf Oil Spill, Abrupt Climate Change, California Climate: Pacific Ocean Connection, Dust World, Hurricane Katrina, West Nile Virus, The Case of the Disappearing Salmon, Ice Core: Frozen Time Machine, The Camanchaca: Fog in the Earth System, The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt, and many more.
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DLESE Catalog ID: NASA-ESERevProd020
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Contact: Dr Robert Myers