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Investigating Factors that Influence Climate DLESE Reviewed Collection
There are several factors that influence the climate or prevailing weather conditions for any given location on Earth. The most important factor is the latitude of the location because that affects the amount of solar radiation received throughout the year. Other factors include its distance from a body of water (its moisture source), elevation and local topography. In this 6 to 10 day unit plan, students will employ inquiry methods to investigate how latitude and longitude (and distance from oceans) impact climatic factors such as temperature range, average temperature, and precipitation. They will create climatic diagrams called climatograms that allow them to display monthly average weather conditions such as temperature and precipitation at a particular location. They will then use the data to design an investigation about the factors that influence climate.
Intended for grade levels:
  • High (9-12)
Type of resource:
  • For the classroom:
    • Computer activity
    • Lesson plan
    • Module / Unit
  • Atmospheric science
  • Climatology
  • Geographical Sciences:
    • Physical geography
  • Mathematics
Technical requirements:
Excel spreadsheet
Cost / Copyright:
No cost
This product is free and clear for general use.
DLESE Catalog ID: MYND-000-000-000-096
Educational standards:
  • National Science Education Standards (NSES):
    • 9-12:
      • A - Science as inquiry:
        • Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
  • National Geography Standards:
    • The world in spatial terms:
      • How to use maps and other geographic representations, tools, and technologies to acquire, process, and report information
Resource contact / Creator / Publisher:
Contact: Dr Lin Chambers