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Humboldt State University Natural History Museum
The Humboldt State University Natural History Museum, through its collections, exhibits, and programs, seeks to inspire in visitors of all ages an understanding and appreciation of the dynamic natural world and provide a learning laboratory for Humboldt State University students. The Fossils Through Time exhibit illustrates 544 million years of the evolution of life on Earth, showcasing the Museum?s fossil collections. The entire exhibit is indexed online, where a tutorial on Geologic Time is also available. Fossil Focus exhibits explore the collections in more detail, in cases devoted to one specific group of organisms such as Trilobites, Echinoderms, Plants, Insects, Stromatolites and more. There are also Local Natural History exhibits, and Living Exhibits featuring live local animals. There is a Prehistoric Mammals of the Cenozoic exhibit, and interactive exhibits which include a fossil dig box, interactive computer kiosks, fossil touch shelves, Discovery Boxes and more. Programs are offered for both children and adults and include field trips, workshops, classes and lectures.
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Publisher: Humbolt State University Natural History Museum