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Chabot Space and Science Center
The Chabot Space & Science Center is a teaching and learning center focused on astronomy and the space sciences and the interrelationships of all sciences. Its observatory, planetarium, exhibits, and natural park setting are a place where students, teachers, and the public can imagine, understand, and learn to shape their future through science. One focus of the Center is to help provide equal access to high quality science and technology programs. The Center offers a number of exhibits for sale, traveling exhibits for rent, as well as student, teacher and public programs available online and on site. The website offers a Virtual Science Center with exhibits and activities for download, as well as a Weather Station, and Virtual Planetarium and Observatory. The Center offers professional development with classes, workshops, and outreach, as well as information on the Teacher Research Center, a forum for discussion and collaborative learning of the best practices of science education.
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  • Atmospheric science
  • Climatology
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  • Space science
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DLESE Catalog ID: IEN-000-000-000-026
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Publisher: Chabot Space & Science Center