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Lowell Observatory
Home of the Clark Telescope, the Lowell Observatory's mission is to pursue the study of astronomy, especially the study of our solar system and its evolution, to conduct pure research in astronomical phenomena, and to maintain quality public education and outreach programs to bring the results of astronomical research to the general public. The Steele Visitor Center, the staging area for all daytime tours and evening programs, also houses the interactive exhibit hall, the Giclas Lecture Hall, and more. Known for its solar system research, Lowell astronomers are conducting investigations of near-Earth asteroids, planetary satellites and ring systems, Centaurs, Kuiper Belt objects, and comets. A decades long study of the photometric stability of the Sun also continues. The Discovery Channel Telescope is Lowell Observatory?s newest project to design and construct a powerful, 4.2-meter telescope. Currently under development, the Discovery Channel Telescope will significantly advance Lowell?s scientific research capabilities while providing opportunities for real-time global broadcasting and educational programming about astronomy and science.
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