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EETAP Capacity Building Evaluation: Final Project Report
The Environmental Education and Training Partnership (EETAP) is a consortium of universities, non-profit organizations, and professional education associations whose efforts are focused on identifying and implementing essential educator training services for delivery of quality and professional environmental education (EE). In this study, capacity building was evaluated at the state level and the research focused primarily on how states have incorporated the idea of an overall state strategy or comprehensive plan for EE within their state and the extent to which states have developed other specific capacity building programs, activities, and services to enhance statewide environmental education. For this evaluation, capacity building is defined as the development of state leadership and organizational capacity to achieve comprehensive statewide environmental education programs.
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  • Graduate / Professional
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    • Report
  • Educational theory and practice
  • Environmental science
  • Policy issues
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DLESE Catalog ID: EVAL-TLKT-000-000-000-197
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Publisher: Environmental Education and Training Partnership (EETAP)

Contributor: Dr Marcella Wells
Wells Resources, Inc.

Contributor: Dr Lynette Fleming
Research, Evaluation and Development Services
Arizona Association for Environmental Education