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Designing Undergraduate Research Experiences for Nontraditional Student Learning at Sea
NOTE: This is a large file, 7.6 mb in size! The University of Washington, Tacoma (UWT) serves a large nontraditional student population. This article describes how nontraditional student learning in environmental sciences is especially enriched by access to unique hands-on field experiences that foster a sense of scientific ownership. The environmental science curriculum at UWT is based on an experiential learning model that enhances undergraduate education by involving students in ongoing research projects that extend beyond the classroom into the broader scientific community. During the summers of 2001 and 2002, undergraduate students from UWT participated in two very different marine research courses designed by environmental science faculty. By comparing these two course designs, the authors identified two primary issues of importance when setting up a field research program at sea. First, learning outcomes are dependent on the platform chosen for the research cruise, and thus the vessel to be used must be considered when designing a curricular model. Second, planning and implementation considerations need to be addressed regardless of the platform chosen.
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Publisher: National Association of Geoscience Teachers
Journal of Geoscience Education

Author: James E. Gawel
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Program
University of Washington, Tacoma

Author: Cheryl L. Greengrove
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Program
University of Washington, Tacoma