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Essential Design Elements for Successful Online Courses
This article describes a study of how students perceive and interact with web-based education, with the intent of improving the experience. In particular, the study aimed to understand how undergraduate students learn classical geological laboratory ideas and skills through activity-based instruction via the internet. The focus of this case study was an embryonic web-based course in introductory geology. Over the 2-year study the website expanded and improved iteratively based on feedback from students each term. The study was descriptive in nature and was intended to discover the basic nature of an effective website, regardless of its complexity. The authors suggest several basic rules for pedagogical design of online courses.
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  • Graduate / Professional
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    • Journal article
  • Educational theory and practice
  • Technology
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DLESE Catalog ID: EVAL-TLKT-000-000-000-120
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Publisher: National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT)
Journal of Geoscience Education (JGE)

Author: Wayne Powell
Department of Geology
Brooklyn College of CUNY