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Comparing the Planets: Water DLESE Reviewed Collection
This set of images summarizes what scientists currently know about the occurrence of water ice and water vapor on the terrestrial planets and satellites in our Solar System. Accompanied by a brief description, the Jpeg images show the ice cap at Mars' south pole, ice rafting on Europa, liquid water covering the surface of Earth (the famous 'Blue Marble' photo), and an impact crater on the Moon that may contain water ice. There is also a diagram showing the possible distribution of ice on Mars, as it varies with latitude.
Intended for grade levels:
  • Intermediate (3-5)
  • Middle (6-8)
  • High (9-12)
Type of resource:
  • Visual:
    • Illustration - scientific
    • Imagery - remotely sensed
    • Photograph
  • Space science
Technical requirements:
No specific technical requirements, just a browser required
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Copyright 2002 National Air and Space Museum.
DLESE Catalog ID: DWEL-000-000-000-447
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Publisher: National Air and Space Museum
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