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Everything Weather- Archived Data DLESE Reviewed Collection
Users can obtain current weather forecasts for their own areas by entering a ZIP code, or they can access a large archive of historic data on severe weather (tornadoes, hail, high winds, hurricanes). Materials presented in the archive include dates, times, and intensities of storms, a photo gallery, maps, radar and other satellite data, storm chaser reports, and links to other weather sites. Raw data can be found in several forms for teachers wishing to have unprocessed data to work with.
Intended for grade levels:
  • High (9-12)
  • College (13-14)
  • College (15-16)
  • Graduate / Professional
  • General public
Type of resource:
  • Visual:
    • Imagery - remotely sensed
    • Map
    • Photograph
  • Dataset:
    • In-situ
    • Remotely sensed
  • Atmospheric science
  • Natural hazards
Technical requirements:
No specific technical requirements, just a browser required
Cost / Copyright:
No cost
Copyright 2001 Weather Edge Content. and pictures may not be reused without written consent.
DLESE Catalog ID: DWEL-000-000-000-397
Educational standards:
  • National Science Education Standards (NSES):
    • 9-12:
      • A - Science as inquiry:
        • Understandings about scientific inquiry
      • E - Science and technology:
        • Abilities of technological design
      • F - Science in personal / social perspectives:
        • Environmental quality
        • Natural and human-induced hazards
  • National Geography Standards:
    • Environment and society:
      • How physical systems affect human systems
    • Physical systems:
      • The physical processes that shape the patterns of Earth's surface
Resource contact / Creator / Publisher:
Publisher: Everything Weather.Com