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Blue Planet Challenge - A natural history of the oceans DLESE Reviewed Collection
This very interactive site uses a variety of games to explore ocean related subjects. The games cover such topics as tidal zones, deep ocean species, ocean currents, general animal life of the ocean, symbiotic relationships, water pressure, human impact on ecosystems, and the habitats found at the South Pole and along the California coastline. There are help tabs added to the games called "Species Fact Files" and "Infobursts" where a player can find out more information on a particular topic if needed. The site is very well organized, easy to use, and offers some colorful and interesting graphics, photographs, and animation to move the games along.
Intended for grade levels:
  • Informal
Type of resource:
  • For the classroom:
    • Computer activity
  • Biology
  • Climatology
  • Ecology
  • Hydrology
  • Ocean Sciences:
    • Biological oceanography
Technical requirements:
Flash player
Cost / Copyright:
No cost
British Broadcasting Corporation Copyright 2001
DLESE Catalog ID: DWEL-000-000-000-123
Resource contact / Creator / Publisher:
Publisher: British Broadcasting Corporation