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Water Resources Research Center DLESE Reviewed Collection
Visitors can access information on a variety of water issues in Arizona, including the Colorado River, riparian areas, water conservation, water rights, and recreation. The Arizona Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) provides FAQ?s, a stream gauge map and a directory of water-related agencies and organizations. Real-time temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, and humidity readouts are available via the new WRRC weather station. Other materials include news articles, research reports, presentations, and links to other water-related sites.
Intended for grade levels:
  • College (13-14)
  • College (15-16)
  • Graduate / Professional
  • General public
Type of resource:
  • Portal:
    • Educational
  • Ecology
  • Geographical Sciences:
    • Human geography
  • Hydrology
  • Policy issues
Technical requirements:
Adobe Acrobat reader
This site includes an alternate format for low bandwidth access.
Cost / Copyright:
No cost
Copyright 2003, the Arizona Board of Regents, for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the University of Arizona.
DLESE Catalog ID: DWEL-000-000-000-016
Resource contact / Creator / Publisher:
Publisher: University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Water Resource Research Center