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Alfred Wegener (1880-1930)
Alfred Wegener, the German scientist who proposed the idea of continental drift, had always been interested in geophysics and also became fascinated with the developing fields of meteorology and climatology. During his life, Wegener made several key contributions to meteorology: he pioneered the use of balloons to track air circulation and wrote a textbook that became standard throughout Germany. But, as this site explains, it was his belief in the interdisciplinary nature of science that lead him to his greatest discovery. It goes on to explain the thought process and evidence that precipitated his book The Origin of Continents and Oceans in which he outlined his theory of continental drift.
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  • High (9-12)
  • College (13-14)
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    • Ref. material
  • Geological Sciences:
    • Geology
    • Geophysics
  • History and philosophy of science
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DLESE Catalog ID: DLESE-000-000-005-210
Educational standards:
  • National Science Education Standards (NSES):
    • 9-12:
      • Unifying concepts and processes:
        • Evidence, models, and explanation
        • Systems, order, and organization
      • A - Science as inquiry:
        • Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
        • Understandings about scientific inquiry
      • D - Earth and space science:
        • Origin and evolution of the earth system
      • G - History and nature of science:
        • Historical perspectives
        • Nature of scientific knowledge
        • Science as a human endeavor
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Publisher: University of California Museum of Paleontology