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NOAA-ESRL Physical Sciences Division (PSD)
The mission of the Physical Sciences Division (PSD) is to address physical science questions of short- and long-term societal and policy relevance within NOAA's Climate and Weather and Water Goals, while conducting the physical process research necessary so that ESRL can help provide the nation with a seamless suite of information and forecast products ranging from short-term weather forecasts to longer-term climate forecasts and assessments. There are many data sets available to download. These could be used for research or to construct an educational exercise. Types of data include precipitation, snow cover, drought index, sea surface temperature, and air temperature. The website also offers several types of climate forecasts, such as seasonal to interannual forecasts, medium range weather forecasts and short term weather forecasts. The El Nino page offers excellent definitions, animations and educational resources. Most of the information is geared toward upper level college or higher. However, the El Nino educational materials are intended for a broader range of audiences.
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