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Forests for Life Programme
This World Wildlife Fund campaign is concerned with forest conservation and management. Fieldwork such as the DGIS (the Directorate General for International Cooperation in the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) -WWF Tropical Forest Portfolio project are featured, as well as policy issues,including genetically modified tree trials, forest fires and forest restoration. WWF partnerships with conservation organizations, governments, aide agencies, and industry are described, and links to their websites are provided. There are campaign reports on the deforestation crisis, and publications on forest protection, sustainable forest management, and certification. There is a photo gallery, a section on certification of forests, and a newsroom.
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  • General public
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    • Photograph
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    • Report
  • Forestry
  • Policy issues
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DLESE Catalog ID: DLESE-000-000-002-376
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Publisher: WWF Global Network