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PlanetDiary records the events and phenomena that affect Earth and its residents. Every week this site presents 'Current Phenomena', which is news from around the globe on geology, astronomy, meteorology, biology, and environmental science issues. The site accompanies specific chapters in Pearson Education texts. These are: Science Explorer - Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science; Science Insights - Living Things, Matter and Energy, Exploring Earth and Space; and Environmental Science. Students can check back each week and follow a story as it unfolds. Teachers can use these articles as the basis for classroom discussion, to introduce topics, or to pose a research question. Every story is linked to a 'Phenomena Backgrounder' relating to the events so students can explore the topic in more depth. These pages also provide links to additional hands-on and online activities. A review of each activity is given with the objective of the exercise, the concepts covered, and the preparation teachers and students should have before starting an activity. An archive contains prior PlanetDiary reports dating back to 1998. A page is devoted to universal measurements that links to outside sources which calculate conversions for time, numerous dimension units, and also link to map sources and earth statistics. Dates for eclipses, environmental-awareness days, the beginning of hurricane season, and many other events are found in the PlanetDiary calendar. An informative guide aids in site navigation. Also, a link is provided to Prentice Hall School with information on textbooks, accompanying multimedia, and online support for grades 6 through 12.
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