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Dr. Art's Guide to Planet Earth
This website complements the book "Dr. Art's Guide to Planet Earth" written by Dr. Art Sussman. The website includes animations, lesson plans and experiments that can be used in conjunction with the book. The number of items are continually being increased as a result of collaboration with K-12 teachers and field testing. It also includes the complete text of the first chapter which introduces systems thinking, Earth Systems Science, and the author's approach using three Earth Systems principles: 1) Earth is essentially a closed system for matter (Matter Cycles), 2) Earth is an open system for energy (Energy Flows), and 3) Earth is a networked system for life (Life Webs). Topics covered include systems thinking, the rock cycle, water cycle, carbon cycle, Earth's energy budget, greenhouse effect, biodiversity, ecosystems, extinction, ozone hole, loss of biodiversity, climate change, local environmental issues, conservation and renewable resources. The book and website are being used in middle school, high school, college, teacher preservice, and teacher inservice.
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Author: Dr Art Sussman