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Earth and Climate News Headlines
ScienceDaily is an online magazine devoted to science, technology, and medicine. This is the home page for the Earth and Climate News section of ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily is unique in that the magazine's articles are selected from news releases submitted by leading universities and other research organizations around the world. Each news release is posted in its original form, with a contact name and link to the organization's home page. In addition, ScienceDaily offers links to major science media and other sources of science news on the Internet, as well as a collection of interesting science-related sites aimed at helping web surfers in their online explorations. Readers can also browse and participate in more than 300 science newsgroups, which offer lively discussions on various topics as well as subscribe to free weekly e-mail bulletins that summarize the top science news stories of the past week.
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All content on ScienceDaily Magazine is protected by copyright either by ScienceDaily or its contributors, partners, and sponsors. In general, no one may reproduce any of the content, either in print or electronic form, without prior permission from the owner(s). If you wish to include ScienceDaily's headlines in your site, you may freely reproduce such headlines provided that you include the appropriate links to the corresponding articles on ScienceDaily's web server and mention ScienceDaily as the source of these links. ScienceDaily's articles are adapted from news releases issued by their respective institutions. These releases are intended for journalists and other members of the public. If you wish to quote from any part of an article, we suggest that you credit the issuing institution as the original source of the news release, in addition to mentioning ScienceDaily as the source of any link to the corresponding article on our server.
DLESE Catalog ID: DLESE-000-000-000-559
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Contact: Dan Hogan
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