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The jOAI software is an Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) data provider and harvester tool that runs in Apache Tomcat and enables existing systems and databases to provide metadata via OAI-PMH and to harvest metadata to the file system.

The jOAI data provider allows XML files from a file system to be exposed as items in an OAI data repository and made available for harvesting by others using the OAI-PMH. After pointing the software to one or more file directories, the software monitors the XML files inside, adding, updating or deleting them from the OAI repository as files are added, updated or deleted from the directories.

The jOAI harvester is used to retrieve metadata records from remote OAI data providers and save them to the local file system, one record per file. In addition, records that have been harvested are packaged into zip archives that can be downloaded and opened through the harvester's web-based interface.

This software is developed by Digital Learning Sciences (DLS) ( at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research ( jOAI can be installed on Windows, Linux, Mac OS or UNIX systems.

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The jOAI User Forum at SourceForge is a place where members of the jOAI community can seek advice, provide tips, share experiences, and interact with the developers and other users of the tool.

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