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Example Code

This page contains functional code examples that use the Digital Discovery System Search Service API, which are free to copy, modify and use.

  • Search page example - This example features configurable search by collection, smart links that map search queries to bookmarkable links in the page, keyword highlighting, word stemming, result boosting and more. Implemented in HTML and JavaScript, it can be modified as needed and deployed to any Web server.
  • To install: Save the HTML file and the JavaScript file dds_search_implementation.js into a single directory. Then edit and customize as desired. See the comments in the files for configuration options and details.
    • To save the HTML file, open the page and choose 'Save As' from the 'File' menu in your browser.
    • To save the JavaScript file, open the URL to the .js file in your browser, then choose 'Save' or 'Save As'.
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