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DLESE Reviewed Collection (DRC)

Total resources: 3062

Agricultural science   Search by Agricultural science 44
Atmospheric science   Search by Atmospheric science 745
Biology   Search by Biology 213
Chemistry   Search by Chemistry 50
Climatology   Search by Climatology 436
Cryology   Search by Cryology 93
Ecology   Search by Ecology 243
Educational theory and practice   Search by Educational theory and practice 1
Environmental science   Search by Environmental science 529
Forestry   Search by Forestry 9
Geographical Sciences
Human geography   Search by Human geography 67
Physical geography   Search by Physical geography 241
Geological Sciences
Geochemistry   Search by Geochemistry 35
Geologic time   Search by Geologic time 24
Geology   Search by Geology 161
Geophysics   Search by Geophysics 44
Mineralogy or petrology   Search by Mineralogy or petrology 4
Paleontology   Search by Paleontology 9
Structural geology   Search by Structural geology 16
History and philosophy of science   Search by History and philosophy of science 408
Hydrology   Search by Hydrology 391
Mathematics   Search by Mathematics 533
Natural hazards   Search by Natural hazards 78
Ocean Sciences
Biological oceanography   Search by Biological oceanography 71
Chemical oceanography   Search by Chemical oceanography 20
Physical oceanography   Search by Physical oceanography 281
Physics   Search by Physics 605
Policy issues   Search by Policy issues 68
Soil science   Search by Soil science 43
Space science   Search by Space science 1102
Technology   Search by Technology 675

The DLESE Reviewed Collection (DRC) provides access to resources that meet seven specific review criteria. The criteria are: high scientific accuracy, good pedagogical effectiveness, ease of use, clarity and completeness of documentation, motivating for learners, show robustness, and illustrate significance of content. Multiple pathways or review systems contribute to this collection and include the following collections: DWEL (Digital Water Education Library), Community Annotated Collection, GLOBE, NASA Earth Science Enterprise Reviewed Collection and JESSE (Journal for Earth System Science Education).

Collection is intended for: Primary (K-2), Intermediate (3-5), Middle (6-8), High (9-12), College (13-14), College (15-16), Graduate / Professional, Informal, General public

Try searching on these terms (type in keyword box): Ecology, Educational theory and practice, Environmental science, Forestry, Geochemistry, Geologic time, Geology, Geophysics, History and philosophy of science, Human geography, Hydrology, Mathematics, Mineralogy or petrology, Natural hazards, Paleontology, Physical geography, Physical oceanography, Physics, Policy issues, Soil science, Agricultural science, Space science, Structural geology, Technology, Atmospheric science, Biological oceanography, Biology, Chemical oceanography, Chemistry, Climatology, Cryology, Reviews, Annotations, Evaluations.

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