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The Starting Point collection consists of resources to support teaching entry-level undergraduate geoscience of all types. The collection includes modules on instructional methods. At the Starting Point website, examples demonstrate ways of using these methods in geoscience courses and laboratories, and provide additional information and resources. The collection includes resources that span the needs of faculty and graduate students in designing, developing, and delivering entry-level undergraduate courses in the geosciences. It consists primarily of instructional materials and activities, annotations and materials supporting the use of instructional materials and activities, information on instructional methods and issues in teaching customized for geoscientists, primary sources, review articles, summaries and bibliographies pertaining to pedagogy, assessment, issues in teaching, course development and management, and learning science.

Collection is intended for: College (13-14)

Try searching on these terms (type in keyword box): Educational theory and practice, Atmosphere, Ocean, Solid Earth, Earth's surface, Hydrosphere/cryosphere, Solar system, Biosphere, Human dimension, Time, Earth history, Climate, Interactive lectures, Models, Role playing, Socratic method, Earth system science, First day of class, Inquiry-based field and lab experiences, Energy/material cycles.

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