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The Community Annotated Collection gathers feedback from people who have used a DLESE resource to teach or to learn. Such feedback can be simple comments, tips about resource use or full structured reviews. Full reviews embody DLESE Reviewed Collection (DRC) selection criteria (scientific accuracy, pedagogical effectiveness, ease of use, robustness as a digital resource) and whether a resource is suitable for use with specific learner characteristics. This review information is gathered into editor's summary, bar graphs on the quantitative rubrics and tabulated data about a resource's effectiveness with specific learner characteristics. General reviews, tips and comments embody resource use, instructor tips or student reactions.

Collection is intended for: Primary (K-2), Intermediate (3-5), Middle (6-8), High (9-12), College (13-14), College (15-16), Graduate / Professional, Informal, General public

Try searching on these terms (type in keyword box): Educational theory and practice, Scientifically accurate, Importance or significance, Pedagogical effectiveness, Well-documented, Ease of use for students and faculty, Power to inspire or motivate students, Robustness/sustainability as a digital resource, Review, Annotation, Evaluation, Diversity.

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