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Teaching Boxes create links between Earth system resources and classroom-ready instructional units (often 5-6 lesson plans and associated activities and procedures) that are designed to bridge the gap between educational resources and how to implement them in the classroom. Materials model scientific inquiry, allowing teachers to build classroom experiences around data collection and analysis from multiple lines of evidence, and engaging students in the process of science. Features include an overview, goals, prerequisites, technology requirements, time requirements and concepts and standards. Suggestions for homework and assessment are available.

Collection is intended for: Middle (6-8), High (9-12)

Try searching on these terms (type in keyword box): Physical oceanography, Atmospheric science, Biological oceanography, Climatology, Ecology, Environmental science, Geologic time, Natural hazards, Physical geography, Plate tectonics, Earthquake, Volcano, Fossil, Sea floor spreading, Weather, Clouds, Wind, Food web, Coastal upwelling, Marine ecology, Climate change, Ice melt, Topography, Sea level change, fault, Seismic wave, Landslide, Liquefication, Structural failure, Mountain building, Erosion, Rock cycle.

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