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These instructions describe how to install a DDS system in the Tomcat servlet container.

Installation Instructions

The following instructions describe how to install the pre-build DDS software from a WAR file. These instructions are also available in the file INSTALL_INSTRUCTIONS.txt that come with the DDS distribution:

=== Installation instructions for the Digital Discovery System (DDS) ===

DDS runs in a Tomcat servlet container and can be installed on 
Windows, Linux, Mac OS or UNIX systems. 

These instructions assume familiarity with Java Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), 
the Tomcat servlet container and related technologies.

To install DDS from a WAR file, do the following:
1. Obtain the dds.war file from the distribution.

2. Install Tomcat 5.5.x or 6.x and Java 1.5 or 1.6
Note that on some linux and unix distributions, Tomcat comes pre-installed but does not 
include all the required Java libraries. Download and install
a full copy of Tomcat directly from

3. Place the dds.war file in the ${tomcat}/webapps directory.

4. Edit the file ${tomcat}/conf/tomcat-users.xml in your Tomcat installation and
add the role 'dds_admin' and at least one user assigned to that role. This
restricts access to the Collection Manager and other admin pages in DDS.
	For example:
		<role rolename="dds_admin"/>
		... additional roles not shown ...
		<user username="jdoe" password="mypassword" roles="dds_admin"/>
		... additional users not shown...
5. Start/restart Tomcat to unpack the war files and install the DDS Web application.

6. See the deployment descriptor file ${tomcat}/webapps/dds/WEB-INF/web.xml for additional,
optional configuration options. Note that for a long-term operational deployment,
the context parameters 'indexLocation', 'collBaseDir' and 'repositoryData' should be
configured to point to local file directories OUTSIDE of tomcat.
These directories should be backed at regular intervals if repository 
data preservation is desired. A DDS repository may be restored using
a backup copy of these directories.

7. To configure the data source used for DDS, read the instructions provided in the DDS 
Web interface or the file CONFIGURE_DATA_SOURCES.txt.

Build Instructions

DDS is available as a pre-built WAR file (see above). However, if you wish instead to build DDS from source, please follow these instructions (BUILD_INSTRUCTIONS.txt):

=== Build instructions for the Digital Discovery System (DDS) ===

To install a pre-built version of DDS from a WAR file, see INSTALL_INSTRUCTIONS.txt.
If you wish to build the software from source, please follow the instructions

These instructions assume familiarity with the Apache Ant build tool,
Java, CVS, and Tomcat.

The following are required to build and run the software from source:
-Java2 platform v1.5
-Tomcat version 5.5.x (
-Ant build tool (
-A CVS client of your choice

Build instructions:

1. Obtain the required source code modules from CVS:

	* dds-project - The DDS webapp context files, libraries and JSPs
	* dlese-tools-project - The Java source code
	* dlese-shared-project - Dependent JavaScript and css files
	* frameworks-project - Dependent metadata vocabulary configuration files
	Each of the modules may be obtained from the DLS anonymous 
	CVS repository (sourceforge project dlsciences) here:
	The modules are tagged with DDS release versions,
	for example 'dds_v3_3_14'. To obtain a specific version, 
	checkout all modules using the desired version tag.
	Supply no tag to obtain the latest development (HEAD) version.

2. Obtain and install Tomcat, Ant and Java (see above).

3. Place the required source code module directories into 
a single directory where you will be building the software.

4. Create a file named in your home directory
(alternatively this may be placed in the dds-project directory).

5. Edit the file to include the Ant properties that
are required for the build. These are listed at the top of the build.xml 
file at the root level of the dds-project.

6. Execute the Ant 'deploy' target. You should see a number of messages 
in your terminal. Once complete you should see a message like:
    Total time: 56 seconds
If error messages appear, address the issues described and re-deploy
until successful.

The software will be built into a directory named "dds" inside your
Tomcat webapps directory.

See the build.xml file inside the dds-project for additional 
Ant targets that may be of interest.

7. The software should now be built and ready for use in Tomcat
in the same manner as if it had been deployed from a WAR file.

Follow the additional instructions for starting/stopping Tomcat and configuring DDS 
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) National Science Foundation (NSF) National Science Digital Library (NSDL)