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Trees OPML version 1.0

Using the draft Dave Winer OPML 2.0 specification, DLESE developed an OPML 2.0 XML schema-based version of it. DLESE then extended OPML 2.0 to create HTML navigation menus like the one this website uses. This extended OPML 2.0 version is called 'trees OPML' and is supported by the following schemas:

  • trees-opml.xsd - an overarching schema that defines the root element (opml) and wraps the remaining base OPML 2.0 elements and attributes in a namespace ( and wraps the trees OPML extensions in another namespace (
  • contents.xsd - defines the base OPML 2.0 elements and attributes without a namespace or root element
  • menu.xsd - defines a 'trees OPML' extension called concept which appears on the OPML head element; this new element is qualified with a namespace prefix
  • moreTypes.xsd - defines a list of terms that extends the OPML type terms
  • outlineAttributes.xsd - defines additional 'trees OPML' attributes that are used on the OPML outline element; these new attributes are qualified with the namespace prefix
  • trees-sample.xml - a sample instance document

Developers wishing to use this trees OPML schema version can either develop their overarching schema that calls contents.xsd or use all of the schemas above. If additional type terms are desired, add them to the existing moreTypes.xsd schema or add another schema. See the individual schemas for further documentation.


Last updated: 2006-05-04
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