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2nd Annual DLESE Meeting (2001): Metadata

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Thursday, August 2, 1:30-3:00 p.m.

Session description

This session will offer an introduction to digital resource description. Participants will be provided an overview of the basics of metadata, DLESE cataloging best practices, and have an opportunity to experience hands-on cataloging using the DLESE Resource Cataloger (DRC), a web-based tool. An overview of additional metadata fields currently unavailable in the existing tool will be offered, as well as mechanisms for submitting additional information to the library. Feedback regarding the use of the DRC will be welcomed, to aid in future iterations of its development. The role of metadata in supporting resource discovery and comprehension will be emphasized via a tour through existing library resources, focusing on specific elements such as description, resource type and subject.

Goals and objectives

Collection developers, resource creators, and community members wishing to contribute resources to DLESE are encouraged to attend. Participants will be able to catalog resources independently, following best practice guidelines using the DLESE Resource Cataloger. An awareness of descriptive metadata fields that facilitate search and discovery will guide participants' future cataloging efforts. Feedback regarding the use of the DRC will be collected.


Participants will be guided through the cataloging tool and protocol while cataloging a pre-selected resource. Each metadata field will be discussed in general, and then specific to the resource being cataloged. Participants will be able to print out their record, and then compare it to the record for this resource already in the library. This approach will allow participants to look at variability among individuals cataloging the same resource and discuss the implications of such variability. Twelve workstations will be provided and distributed among the group.


Discussions will focus on the role of metadata in supporting resource discovery and comprehension. Special emphasis will be placed on the subsequent view of the record in the library and the importance of well-written and well-chosen metadata fields. Examples from the current library collection will be used to illustrate specific points and protocols. Feedback on the cataloging interface and process will be solicited.


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