Metadata Collections & QA

XML file - objects v0.1.01

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Sample records

Sample records are provided to show how the metadata framework may be used.

Main schema

The main schema, objects.xsd, is the schema to include in instance documents (metadata records) for validation.


Vocabulary schemas

The vocabulary schemas define the different controlled vocabularies that are used by individual metadata fields. The schema labels below indicate who the vocabulary was adopted from.

  • Library Areas
  • Topic
    • metadata fields: topics.topic
    • schemas: topic.xsd
  • Date Type
    • metadata fields:
    • schemas: typeOfDate
  • Records Type
  • Role
    • metadata fields: contributors.contributor.role
    • schemas: role.xsd
  • Name Title
    • metadata fields: contributors.contributor.person.nameTitle
    • schemas: nameTitle.xsd


Last updated: 11-11-03