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Overview: News-Opps version May 2002

This page describes characteristics of a particular DLESE metadata framework and version number. Topics include:

Required metadata

  • Type - of news or opportunity (e.g. conference, grant, etc.)
  • Title - name of the news or opportunity
  • URL - the url to an online information about the announcement
  • Description - a narrative describing the content, purpose or goal of the announcement
  • Topics- general topic areas that the announcement is about or covers
  • Event dates - start and stop dates of the announcement
  • Posting dates - start and stop dates for posting the announcement
  • Target audience - the appropriate educational group for the announcement
  • Grade range - the appropriate grade range for the announcement
  • Contact person - contact information for the author or publisher of the announcement
  • Location - location of the announcement
  • Sponsoring or funding information - who supports the announcement


XML information


  • There are some controlled vocabularies but there is no controlled vocabulary support.

Sample records

There are no sample records available for this framework.

Tool support to create required metadata

  • Announcements can be cataloged directly on the DLESE web site. Please see the News and Opportunities banner button above and choose post an item.

Features and constraints

  • Has event start and stop dates
  • Has post and archive dates
  • No data typing means arbitrary values may become part of the metadata records
  • HTML tags are currently intermingled with metadata content


Last updated: 12-13-04
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