Metadata Collections & QA

Data Quality Guidelines


The Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE) established formal data quality guidelines to:

  • Explain accessioning criteria in order to assist collection builders in identifying and selecting quality data related resources
  • Help users understand the level of quality of information they will find in DLESE collections and appreciate the the service is selective and quality controlled
  • Inform creators of practices for developing quality resources

In order to be accessioned in DLESE, data, data-rich or data tool resources (the actual content, not metadata) allows or supports: (USED INFO FROM DAWG QUALITY DOC)

1. Educators and students to find and access appropriate data of interest easily

  • Level of prerequisite knowledge for use is clear
  • Interface is well-designed to support querying to answer applicable scientific questions
  • Semantically transparent metadata enable data discovery

2. Educators and students to ascertain the quality of data and determine the impact of data quality on the certainty of their conclusions

  • The data, visualizations or models are presented in such a way that an educator will likely draw correct conclusions about its accuracy/limitations
  • Information is provided about overall data collection, quality reduction and limitations Sources of error and limitation of collection process as well as inaccuracies/uncertainties form models/ particular choice of representations is provided
  • Information about accuracy of individual data sets/point/analyses is provided


3. Data site supports students ability to manipulate data to answer questions

  • By using data contained within the site
  • By combining data with the site with data from other sites
  • By generating appropriate visualizations
  • By comparing student's own data to that of the site

4. Use of the dataset by non-experts

  • Information is provided on relevance of data to problems of significance
  • Support for effective pedagogic use


5. Robustness of access

  • Data and software needed for us are reliably available
  • Tools needed for access and use are easily acquired and inexpensive
  • Tools are reliable and easy to use
  • Data are archived appropriately for persistent access


This policy is the responsibility of the Data Access Working Group (DAWG) in consultation with the Collections Committee. Application is the responsibility of the Collections Committee.


These guidelines resulted from prior work by the:

  • DAWG
  • DLESE Annual Meeting 2004 Strand 2


Last updated: 1-11-05