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Ratings use in annotation 1.0.00

In the DLESE annotation 1.0.00 metadata framework, there is the ability to provide ratings. To accommodate the many different styles of rating or review that collections may use, the metadata framework has a generic rating controlled vocabulary. A collection builder must describe, in their collection scope statement, how the ratings controlled vocabulary is being used. That is, what meaning is associated with each controlled vocabulary term of One star, Two start etc. This page provides examples of possible different rating styles and shows the definitions that would be associated with each rating controlled vocabulary term. The one requirement in using this controlled vocabulary is that the term One star is always considered lower or worse and term Five star. Collection builders can define their own rating styles as long as they provide definitions, otherwise such information will not be accessioned in the library.

Style 1: Use recommendations

  • One star - not recommended - the resource has significant general problems of content, pedagogy, usability or relevance making it unsuitable for use
  • Two star - cautiously recommended - the resource is worthwhile, but has some limitations in the areas of content, pedagogy, usability or relevance that should be addressed
  • Three star - recommended - the resource generally does not have significant limitations of content, pedagogy, usability or relevance
  • Four star - favorably recommended - the resource is accurate, has good pedagogy and works well for the intended audience
  • Five star - highly recommended - the resource is exemplary with up-to-date and accurate content, very good pedagogy, good usability and is relevant; it also can work for multiple audiences or learning styles

Style 2: Overall rating

  • One star - poor
  • Two star - fair
  • Three star - good
  • Four star - very good
  • Five star - excellent

Style 3: NetFlix style

  • One star - hated it
  • Two star - didn't like it
  • Three star - liked it
  • Four star - really liked it
  • Five star - loved it
Last updated: 2006-02-16
Maintained by: Katy Ginger (, DLESE Metadata