Metadata Collections & QA

DLESE Metadata/Collections - DPC Retreat 2004

1. What's been accomplished


  • Development
    • Accessioned 6 new collections into DLESE and NSDL (took twice as long and twice as much effort as the 14 collections of 2003)
      • the collections were all legacy collections in different databases who had to be sold on the benefits of contributing to DLESE
      • each collection needed a crosswalk from their native metadata to ADN
      • each collection needed their own vocabs mapped to ADN vocabs
      • at certain work times, collections were stymied in their work efforts because of the revamp of the DLESE collection polices and procedures
      • DLESE tools were not appropriate for them and there was the Red Hat JVM bug that affected OAI use
      • the metadata quality of this year's collection was below that of 2003
      • resources were more scrutinized by DPC and the Collections Accessioning Taskforce
    • Completed the Collection Builders Guide (toolkit) (distributed at the 2004 annual meeting)
    • Supported the Collections Accessioning Taskforce and collection builders with
    • Identified new potential collections for accessioning in 2005 (approximately 11) and drafted a letter to to them
  • QA and cataloging
    • Began re-cataloging all 2000 NASA Edmall resources (70 completed)
    • Complete other cataloging projects (Sumner, MarsQuest, Globe)
    • QA'ing all new DWEL records
  • Management
    • Ongoing updating and growing of current collections
    • Ongoing link checking of current collections
    • Ongoing review and management of the Suggest a Resource page (about 40 suggestions since inception this summer)
  • Documents and workshops
    • Offered first DLESE collection builder workshop at the 2004 annual meeting
    • Rewrote all collection policies to separate procedure from policy - resulted in 3 new policies and 6 best practice/guideline documents


  • Structures
    • Developed news and opportunities framework
    • Started revamping the files that support Metadata/Vocabulary Manager. The new files will track (over time) vocab terms, definitions, cataloging best practices and technical documentation for all metadata fields (currently only vocabulary terms are tracked)
  • Vocabularies
    • Partially completed definitions and cataloging best practices for the news and opps framework

Other initiatives and projects

  • Serve on the steering committee of the Fire Science Digital Library
  • Hosted the DLESE Metadata Workshop
  • Provided scientific, instructional and organizational support to the CA-Pilot project
  • Helped in revision of Suggest a Resource
  • Active member of the NSDL vocabulary development team
  • Organized and gave many professional development teacher-training workshops on using DLESE

2. What needs to be done?

MWG means a primary task that needs to be done by the Metadata Working Group in the next 6-12 months
IWPP means a primary task from the Integrated Workplan (most likely not really on the docket of the MWG)
EXT means external party, proposal or project that needs metadata/collection input (may or may not be on the MWG docket)
IWPS means a task from the Integrated Workplan on which metadata/collection input may be needed (most likely not on the docket of the MWG)


  • Development
    • MWG: Accession 11 new collections (since twice as many as 2004 expect this to be more work than 2004)
    • MWG: Catalog/QA of DPC responsible collections (DCC, Edmall, DWEL, Evaltlkt); 100 plus records waiting in QA; 2000 plus resources waiting for catalog
    • MWG: Continual administrative and organizational support for the Collections Accessioning Taskforce
    • IWPP: Keyword search and browse support for collection specific vocabularies
    • IWPP: Support collection themes
    • IWPP: Add themed collections that support events, ESS, finer-grain NSES standards (dependent on external partners interested in this)
    • IWPP: Collections infrastructure expanded (what does this mean?)
    • IWPP: Showcase locality demonstrators using one or more location-based collections (would have to help develop such a collection)
  • QA and cataloging
    • MWG and EXT: Catalog AAAS benchmarks using SMS (strand map service) metadata framework
    • MWG: Collection and catalog training (2 collections currently have several day sessions scheduled)
    • IWPP: Gathered resources are cataloged by AGI and DPC does the QA work
    • IWPP: Data educational resources are cataloged by AGI and DPC does QA work
    • IWPP: Evaluation Toolbook resources cataloged to reflect relevant ESS categories or features (presently, DPC is responsible for cataloging and maintaining this collection)
    • IWPS: Backfilling of metadata and expand it to include as many fields as possible (ESS vocab, standards) - AGI may need MWG support
  • Management
    • MWG: Upgrade collection update scripts to handle dates and insertion and deletion of collections
    • MWG: Ongoing updating of current collections
    • MWG: Ongoing link checking of current collections
    • IWPP: Collection persistence plan (testing some collections) (what does this mean?) (DLESE now consistently has 1 current collection out of commission because of server issues of the collection builder)
    • IWPP: Begin application of new resource quality criteria at entrance to DLESE
    • IWPP: DPC support is required for the Collections Accessioning Taskforce to make timely, well-informed decisions about acceptability of new collections and reviewed pathways
  • Documents and workshops
    • MWG: Integrate best practices, vocab definitions and technical documentation of the metadata frameworks onto the metadata website
    • MWG: Participate in various meetings:
      • Quality Workshop: Oct 2004
      • Tapestry Collection Building: Oct 2004
      • CA-Pilot: Oct. & Nov. 2004
      • NSDL: Nov 2004
      • Fire Science Dig Lib Steering Committee Mtg: Dec 2004
      • DAWG: Mar 2005
      • Data Services: May 2005
    • IWPP: Technical training workshops conducted twice annually
    • IWPP: Developer's workshop


  • Structures
    • MWG: Finish news and opps framework
    • IWPP: FAQ's (assuming this is referring to the objects metadata framework that handles FAQ's)
    • IWPP: Support annotation framework (what does this mean? Do we tweak based on CRS requests or Metadata Workshop requirements?)
    • IWPP: Expand the appropriate metadata framework to encompass an Earth system vocabulary (started ever so slightly)
  • Vocabularies
    • MWG: Continue structure revamp of the metadata (vocab)-ui files to support the Vocabulary Manager
    • MWG: Create the vocab files for every metadata field in the 6 DLESE metadata frameworks (includes writing definitions for every controlled vocabulary term, writing cataloging best practices and supplying the technical documentation for every metadata field)
    • MWG: Create the ui files for every metadata field in the 6 DLESE frameworks (includes the layout and labels in different user interfaces)
    • MWG: Implement the 4th level of the National Science Education Standards (NSES)
    • EXT: Per DLESE Metadata Workshop report, revamp annotation type vocabulary
    • IWPP: Create evaluation vocabulary with Evaluation Core Services
    • IWPP: Prototype and complete Earth system science thesaurus (plan to prototype ESS categories or features)


  • MWG: Serve as members on DLESE quality workgroups (resource quality, metadata structures, vocabs)
  • IWPS: Draft model of what educational resources are needed to teach from an Earth system perspective
  • IWPS: Develop the technical and social infrastructure to apply the quality criteria to all resources submitted (informed by Quality Workshop)
  • IWPS: Assess the need for a specialized pathway into the Reviewed Collection for data resources


Other initiatives and projects

  • MWG and EXT: NSDL/WGBH pathways proposal - identify rich media ESS resources for Teacher's Domain (funded)
  • MWG and EXT: WGBH standards proposal to be submitted
  • MWG and EXT: Complete work on the NSDL services proposal - suggesting NSES for cataloging and mapping to state standards)
  • MWG: Respond to and possibly implement recommendations from the DLESE Metadata Workshop
  • MWG: Participate as a member of the NSDL vocabulary development team and attend meetings
  • MWG and IWPP: DCS (DLESE Collection System) development
  • MWG: Respond to inquiries generated from the NSF solicitation requirement for redistribution through DLESE in the most recent geo-ed and other RFPs
  • MWG: Respond to inquiries from the NASA strategic plan for education which also mentions DLESE
  • IWPP: Collection and services registries integrated (what does this mean)
  • IWPS: Place name gazetteer underpins locality service (found out 2004-08-10 that L. Hill proposal was not funded)
  • IWPS: Participate in an developing an efficient backfilling tool

3. What are the exposures/issues/challenges?

  • New collection builders need to put in more effort to meet DLESE resource and metadata quality standards and to sustain their collections
  • The wide range and individualized collection support provides flexibility to collection builders but leads to cumbersome and individualized collections management at the DPC
  • The length and process to complete collection updates to ensure quality checks, indexing and link checking - Quality! Quality! Quality!
  • Collection sustainability - whole collections are going offline periodically and collections may not be able to implement the recommendations of the Quality Workshop
  • Results of the October 2004 Quality Workshop may change collection policies, workflows, development focus, modify metadata frameworks and revamp controlled vocabularies
  • Implementing the recommendations of the Metadata Workshop

4. What will hinder you in achieving your objectives?

  • Lack of time
  • Results of the Metadata Workshop and the Quality workshop may require professional development and training (e.g. learn more about OWL), a shift in work priorities, new tasks to be completed
  • Resource drain from outside projects and initiatives (e.g. CA-Pilot, JCDL, NSDL commitments)
  • Requirements to continually re-prioritize workloads but there is no process to do so

September 2004 powerpoint

November 2004 powperpoint


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