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Pedagogically Annotated Collection

Description and purpose

The Pedagogically Annotated Collection is a collection of annotation records. Each annotation establishes a link from an Earth System (ES) resource in DLESE to a relevant online pedagogical content knowledge resource, where “pedagogical content knowledge” (PCK) is knowledge needed to teach effectively in a discipline, as opposed to knowledge of the discipline itself. Such links are intended to strengthen educators’ abilities to teach effectively and efficiently with the ES resource.

Collection policy

PCK resources are gathered through online search, personal communication, literature review, and suggestions from DLESE resource creators.

There are three kinds of PCK resources:

  • Resources about students’ misconceptions or alternative conceptions that emerge while teaching ES topics
  • Resources about skills needed for completing ES educational activities
  • Resources about assessment strategies used in teaching ES topics

The collection emphasizes resources that are valuable to a reader who intends to teach about the Earth or environment. The collection references publicly accessible online resources or has obtained permission to post a resource online.

Links between a PCK resource and an ES resource are made by either collection administrators or by ES resource creators. Collection administrators search DLESE using keywords associated with the topic addressed by the PCK resource. From the list of search results, ES resources for which an educator would benefit from the information available in the PCK resource are selected. ES resource creators provide links or identify appropriate PCK resources for their ES resource. Additionally creators can point collection administrators towards other PCK resources.


Contact information

Inquiries about this collection may be addressed to:

Dr. Kim Kastens
Doherty Senior Research Scientist
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Palisades, NY 10964
voice: 845-365-8836

Metadata quality and terms of use

The developers of the Pedagogically Annotated Collection agree to the DLESE Intellectual Property Policy. Metadata created in the Pedagogically Annotated Collection may be redistributed and reused for academic purposes. Metadata is copyright 2007 Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University. Metadata undergoes quality assurance by collection administrators and DLESE staff for completeness, accurateness and link checking of referenced resources.

Resource quality assurance and terms of use

The resources made accessible via this collection are access points into many different resources and organizations who are responsible for the quality of the materials. However, collection administrators strive to use high-quality materials based on their usefulness in teaching and learning and meeting the purpose of the collection. Resources referenced by the collection are owned by the creator of the resource. Please see individually referenced resources for complete resource copyright and terms of use information.


Persistence plan for the collection

Development of the Pedagogically Annotated Collection is funded by the National Science Foundation (DUE06-32232) as part of the Division of Undergraduate Education, National Science Digital Library (NSDL) program through September 2007. All annotations produced for the Pedagogically Annotated Collection will become part of the DLESE collections and persist as long as DLESE does. The annotations may also be harvested by NSDL or other digital libraries.

Last updated: 2007-03-08
Maintained by: Katy Ginger (, DLESE Metadata